Why throw out an old furniture when new life can breathe into it?


Why throw out an old furniture when new life can breathe into it?



Socialite Jamie Chua was about to throw out a 10-year-old dining table when Norman Yeo creative interior designer & director of OSC by Norman Yeo persuaded her to let him work his magic on it.  After all, why throw out an old furniture when new life can breathe into it? For Yeo, the eight seaters at which Chua had hosted countless parties and family dinners, was the perfect and opportunity to preserve memories.



Yeo who’s been in the business nearly 20 years say. ” The home is a container of love and memories and i want to keep this memories for my clients. Jamie is a very sentimental person,  and the wood (imported from Kalimantan , Indonesia) used to make this table very difficult to find.”


To give a new spin to said table, Yeo decided to give stainless steel for the new table legs. A line of bow-like bolts down the middle was inserted to hold the 100-years-old timber together and add a touch of femininity. ” The bolts was designed to secured the table, and came from the idea of a ribbon holding things together. said Yeo.


He obviously hit the nail on the head. Chua who engaged Yeo to revamp her 10,000sqft 2 storey home off Whitey Road 3 years ago, says the creative designer. He knows what i want, we are on the same wavelength. There are of course safety aspects, to consider when deciding to retain old pieces.


Yeo said: A piece of art may be pretty to look at, but designing a home goes beyond that. I need to consider a lifestyle needs of every individual living in the house, from children and the elderly to even pets – to create a concept that has timeless beauty, yet it is functional and safe for the entire household.


Good communication is key to mutual understanding. He says, i always believe that is very important to engage and work closely with my clients, so that the final product would not be very different from the initial brief.” This keep conflicts at bay and goes a long way forming a rock-solid relationship.



OSC by Norman Yeo would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to  Jamie Chua for entrusting them with the task of redesigning her home- it has been a pleasure to be able to translate her love for glitz, glamour , fashion and art into inspired , meaningful spaces in which she can live, wine & dine, wind down and entertain guests.


OSC1Norman Yeo, creative director & founder of OSC by Norman Yeo, was in tasked with the crucial role of giving socialite-entrepreneur Jamie Chua’s home a style update & makeover.



OSC2Apart from space planning, interior architecture & furniture, Norman Yeo also designed a pair of one-of-a-kind, leather-cladded rhinoceros head sculptures for Chua’s home.



OSC3Jamie Chua’s living room serves as a glamourous entertainment lounge encapsulated in glass all around.



OSC 4In Chua’s living room, materials and finishes are carefully selected to orchestrate glitz and glam, but with a sophisticated homely ambience. Each of the columns are adorned with a tactile of cladding.




A 10 years solid timber dining table, which was initially slated for disposal by Chua was restored with glossy stainless steel legs- complimented then by a set of tailor made dining chairs upholstered in plush white Italian fabric.



OSC 6A remarkable chrome-finish sink serves as a visual centrepiece on a luxurious stone vanity in this bathroom, echoing the curves of the sensual wall artwork.



Find out more about Norman Yeo , click here!

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