Renovation Contractor Who Preys on HDB Residents

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Renovation Contractor Who Preys on HDB Residents


Nowadays, some heartless people will go around cheating people of their blood & sweat money. This happens all over the world & as potential victims ourselves, we must be really careful with any kinda people we are dealing with. Otherwise, it might be too late to rectify anything.


I have a friend called Celestine. Recently, she has had a nasty encounter with a conman, who claimed to be appointed by the Singapore Housing & Development Board (HDB), authorized to do any repair & renovation works for all HDB public housing flats. The whole matter was even being reported to the police HQ in Ang Mo Kio at 01July, which is also her birthday too. Sigh…… The chronological sequence of events of this whole nasty incident will be related at the following:


25June (Friday)


Celestine msn me to tell me that she took MC today to see the doctor cos yesterday she shouted at someone whom she claimed is a conman, so much so that now she had gotten sore throat. I was so shocked that i wanted to hear more about it.


Celestine continued to say that she suspected that her mum nowadays got dementia cos when she called her from work the day before, her mum told her that she felt troubled becos somebody who claimed to belong to a government authority pressured her to signed a contract for spalling concrete repair at the toilet ceiling.


The total cost quoted is $250 & this poor old lady has already paid $100 in cash.When Celestine finally came home from work, she asked her mum for the contract for spalling concrete repair at the toilet ceiling. I told her that it must be some idiotic contractors who claimed to be HDB personels but who in fact are actually HDB-approved contractors.


We can actually sue them for inpersonation. Celestine later made a call to the contractor based on the contract to tell them that she dun want the repair anymore. The contractor tried to be funny as said “Of course la. but we will just forfeit your $100”. WTF!


I advised her to go & report them to CASE or call up the TV station to expose them if they dun return the money. Celestine told me that she did & sensing that things were not turning out well, the contractors agreed to pay, but minus the transport fee. I told


Celestine to ask them get fxxx off cos this is their problem as nobody asked them to come here. Celestine was hesitant cos her mum did really signed the contract & it clearly stated in the agreement that “Deposit not refundable”.


I told her that of cos she has a recourse as her mum is an illiterate & senile old lady, & she signed under pure inducement & pressure.


I also scolded Celestine later when she told me she is thinking of forgoing the $100 as it is damn troublesome to chase for it. The reason is that if she dun expose these conman, sooner or later they will prey on others.


28June (Monday)



That idiot conman still had not return the money. Celestine made a reminder call to him. He told her he was not free & asked her to wait till Thursday. I reminded her that if she still did not see the money, she MUST make a report to police. She said she will.01June (Thursday)


The deadline is up. Celestine called up to ask for the $100 & is greeted with a slam of the phone. She redialed again & he answered that he decided not to return her the money. Celestine was damn angry of course & threaten to report to police this time.


That idiot on the other line said that ” Ya ya. Go ahread lo” & slammed the phone once again. So she decided to take up the case & report that at the Ang Mo Kio police HQ. The police has already classified it as a case of cheating.


I applauded her bravery of going forward to expose these shady practices of conmen & commented that she has help to prevent similar incidents like this to happen on others. As this day was her birthday too, this is the biggest gift that she had given to herself & others.


So everybody please be careful.




Source^ Bai Hu

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