New BTO at Dawson


New BTO at Dawson


Skyville and SkyTerrace – offering a total of 1,718 flats. WOHA‘s designed Skyville @ Dawson which is consists of 960 homes in Singapore. As a response to the enthusiasm received by the public, their project is currently under construction and is estimated to be completed 3Q 2015. SkyVille@Dawson is a 47-storey development with unique features such as sky bridges, building facade treatment and architectural features.


Project’s Name   : SkyVille @ Dawson

Address              : 85-88 Dawson Road

Est. TOP date    : 3Q 2015

Total Unit           : 960 units


Image by Rezt & Relax


Skyville Dawson click
Click here to view latest Project at Skyville@Dawson. Source by Rezt & Relax

A unique feature of SkyTerrace @ Dawson is the availability of loft units with a double volume space at the living/dining area. These loft units can be sold individually or paired with a Studio Apartment. Extended families can apply jointly for a 4-room or 5-room loft unit paired with a Studio Apartment under the pilot Multi-Generation Living Scheme. A set of interconnecting doors will be provided when sold as a paired unit.

Project’s Name   : SkyTerrace @ Dawson

Address              : 89-93 Dawson Road

Est. TOP date    : 1Q 2015

Total Unit           : 758 units


Conveniently located along Margaret Drive and Dawson Road , residents of both projects will be well served by the Queenstown MRT Station, bus services and road network. There are various amenities such as supermarket, eating places, shops, schools and park facilities, as well as communal, sports and recreational facilities nearby e.g. library, sports stadium, swimming complex and community centre.



Feedback from public about Dawson Place:


– Kitchen too small
– TV point located oddly
– No direct sun to dry laundry; three pole hanger provided
– Valuations of such flat drop 10% according to DWG


Kopi Talk Dawson Place articles source; SinMin News

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