Mushroom Grow In My Bathroom Door


Mushroom Grow In My Bathroom Door


Berry Me blogger found Mushroom Grow in My Bathroom Door

I had been really busy for the past 2 weeks, since 2 of my bff was visiting from the U.S. When i got home picking them up from the airport, i can’t believe what i found popped up right outside of my bathroom.




Gives me the creeps. Now it’s outside of my bathroom?! It must have been the damp mat that’s beside it. Mushroom can only grow when there is water for them to survived. I asked my bf to take care of it but he says just leave it, it will die by itself just like the other one. But this mushroom looks different from the other one that grew inside of the bathroom.


I took away the damp mat and make sure there was no water there. We were traveling for a week and when we came back we saw the dead mushroom.


dead mushroom

source – BerryMe



Stomper Michael was disgusted to find mushrooms growing out of the bathroom door in his new flat at Block 50 Commonwealth Drive.


stomp mushroom  image


According to him, the mushrooms appeared on the bathroom door within three months of him and his family moving into the flat.


He said:


“The mushrooms started appearing after we continually used the bathroom.


“Naturally water would touch the door but we didn’t expect mushrooms to grow out of it.


“I’ve been living in Singapore for over 40 years and never seen anything like this.”

source – Stomp


Images of other mushroom grow from the house



How to Prevent  Mold Mushrooms Grow

Advice from Ooork Interior Designers’ Community:


Molds and mushrooms are the common problems with an infrequently cleaned bathroom. These organisms usually thrive in a very damp sand moist environment that is always present in a bathroom environment.


Always keep the surfaces dry. Bathroom mold and mushroom always thrive in a damp place. By keeping the bathroom walls and floors clean and dry all the time will discourage their growth on these areas.


Use a disinfectant spray on the spot where the molds and mushrooms usually grow in the bathroom. Disinfectant sprays usually have the ingredient benzalkonium chloride which is effective in killing molds and helps in preventing their growth.


You can make your own solution to kill molds using bleach. In a plastic bucket, pour the bleach and add nine cups of water then add a tablespoon of dish soap before mixing. Place the mixture in a spray bottle and you have your own disinfectant spray solution.


The problem with mold and mushroom formation in the bathroom does not only involve the floor and wall surfaces. Leakage in the ceiling can also cause mold and mushrooms to grow inside the bathroom. It is best to clean the bathroom ceiling as well to prevent mold and mushroom formation. You can use the same disinfectant spray or bleach solution to spray on the ceiling and let it stay there for 15 minutes before wiping them.


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