MagicPlan- Making Floor Plans on Your Phone


MagicPlan- Making Floor Plans on Your Phone


With MagicPlan mobile app (iOS & Android) quickly create professional floor plans & work estimates. It measures your rooms and draws floor plan just by taking pictures. Simply add objects, annotations, photos and attributes to generate reports or complete estimates.






Great for Architects & Designers :

Architects and designers everywhere know the amount of time it takes to get floor plan measurements with a measuring tape,  but now there’s an app that gives you the convenience of measuring right in the palm of your hand in a matter of minutes.  The Magic Plan app, conveniently named, simply asks for certain areas of a specific room and is able to assemble a floor plan for you. The app also includes tutorials on how to use it effectively and get fully adjusted to it.




Measure anything, anywhere simply by taking pictures with your Smartphone.




The Digital Tape Measure

MagicMeasure is a tape measure on mobile devices. You do not always have a laser or tape measure in your pocket. You always have your phone with you.


Take a picture and just mark the picture with the distances, surfaces or volumes you want to know.
Each measure is saved, a .pdf and a .jpg with the annotated measures can be generated. A MagicMeasure user can also share a photo annotated to another MagicMeasure user.


Examples of Use Cases
– Furniture Fitting
– Distance / size / volume calculation
– Planning tool (photo shoot, movers, etc.)
– Shipping (size estimation)
– Quick photo annotation


3 modes:


This mode allows the measurement of objects on a wall or on the floor. MagicMeasure can only operate from photos where the floor is visible. Aiming at the ceiling and trying to measure something on the ceiling will not work. However measuring a frame placed on a wall, as long as a piece of the floor is visible will work.


This mode allows the measurement of elements such as a building facade surface.


This mode allows the measurement of small objects placed on a table.


Features summary


– Take photos and measure:
– Distances between 2 points (floor or wall)
– Surfaces (floor or wall)
– Volumes (3D objects)
– Duplicate photo to create new measurements
– Name picture and add comments
– Add text annotation
– Share results with other MagicMeasure users
– Export annotated pictures in PDF

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