Disappointment with expensive buy – Trivelis defect & Toyota recall


Disappointment with expensive buy – Trivelis defect & Toyota recall


The 888-unit Design, Build and Sell

Scheme (DBSS) project is developed by local firm EL Development (ELD).

Trivelis was advertised as having “choice fittings” and “quality floor finishes”.

A unit costs between $370,000 and $800,000.

money gone

Trivelis DBSS

 Disappointment with expensive buy – Trivelis defect & Toyota recall


SINGAPORE — His Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) flat was supposed to be of a higher design quality than a regular public housing unit, but Mr Andy Tan said he found his three-room unit at Trivelis in Clementi a “total disappointment”.


Two sanitary pipes and a water heater, which were not depicted in the project’s showflats, were exposed and clearly visible in his kitchen, Mr Tan said. The living room floor tiles were scratched, and even after replacing a few of them, contractors were unable to polish out the scratches on the remaining tiles.

Mr Tan is among nearly 500 Trivelis residents who are up in arms over various problems with the development, such as shattered shower glass panels and narrow common corridors that are prone to flooding. Most of the residents were issued their keys in January.


Rusty Lift Buttons


Wardrobe without shelves
Wardrobe without shelves

 source: TODAY News

Several Trivelis residents have also taken their complains online:


Haja Keppel Bhai: I bought a 3room flat here, I can’t put a queen size bed in the second room. If I put, I can’t open the room door.


Salence Lim: DBSS … to me should be designed n build with the standard of extra living comfort or known as luxury living but what we get is poor standard design n quality of living unit n we paid more more…


Joo Keng Seow: Rain water flow out from the slits at the bottom of the shower screen during raining. When the shelter outer wall was perfectly dry. This could be water seepage in the internal walls. Am still waiting for solution from ELD. waiting……


Ivy Low: What’s worse is ELD’s attitude toward the whole drama. How can they expect the residents to write to them individually? Then the replies will be, this problem is unique to your unit and a few others, hence we will only change one panel of the shattered glass… How would we know if they are not just lying that an issue or concern is unique? Are we supposed to wait around for the glass with obviously low QC standards to crack mysteriously one day and endangering our children and our lives? Are we supposed to wait past one year when obviously all low quality finishes start to break down and they shift the responsibilities to hdb?



Geraldine Tan-Wee: Our DBSS estate also has its fair share of crappy fittings. Imagine being told by our developer that our kitchen cabinets can’t withstand heat and moisture. These people don’t know how to cook or what? How can the materials used for kitchen cabinets not tahan heat and moisture? Also Meyer told my neighbours that the space btw the cabinet and the cooker hood is too little which is why the hoods break down easily. And my neighbours with engineered timber flooring who don’t use wet wipes or wet mops on them, see the flooring turn black anyway. Some neighbours have had windows that shattered or window seals that cracked so badly when it rains, the rain leaks into their homes.


Rusty lift door
Rusty lift door


Whoever allowed our flats to get to this state should be answerable to the public. How come there were no checks and balances to make sure that proper QC was done before TOP? Just because it is a DBSS apartment, suka suka we are told it is not HDB and is private so we need to get the developer to step in & when it suits the authorities, that it is HDB so too bad. It’s utterly frustrating.


Where is that bloody DBSS review outcome that KBW said was being undertaken? How come these developers are getting away with their dishonesty and lies?


Here are the details of the Trivelis construction project:


Developer: EL Development, a subsidiary of Evan Lim Group
Builder: Chian Jin Building Construction Pte Ltd

source: statestimesreview


Artist Impression of Trielis LivingRoom
Artist Impression of Trivelis LivingRoom


Artist Impression of Trielis Bedroom
Artist Impression of Trivelis Bedroom
Artist Impression of Trivelis Kitchen
Artist Impression of Trivelis Kitchen


money gone

Toyota, Nissan recall 6.5 mn cars over exploding airbag fears

Toyota Nissan recall


Japanese auto giants Toyota and Nissan on Wednesday (13 May 2015) said they were recalling 6.5 million vehicles globally in the latest chapter of an exploding airbag crisis linked to several deaths.

The world’s biggest automaker said its recall of five million vehicles affected 35 models globally produced between 2003 and 2007, while Nissan said it was calling back 1.56 million vehicles also due to faulty airbags made by embattled supplier Takata.


“This will affect many of our markets, including Japan, Europe and North America,” a Nissan spokesman told AFP, adding that the explosion risk was among a range of problems seen in the defective airbags.


“There might be many factors. (But) we have seen risks that the metal casing for inflators can malfunction.”


The announcement comes after some 20 million vehicles produced by automakers also including General Motors and Honda were recalled because of the risk that their Takata-made airbags could improperly inflate and rupture, potentially firing deadly shrapnel at the occupants.


At least five deaths have been linked to the defect, with one in the United States initially investigated as a murder due to her grisly injuries.

source: Yahoo News

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