0932 is a Singapore based Architectural and Interior design practice, formally founded in twenty eleven.
0932 is a manifestation of Nizer’s inspired musings – a collective driven by an admiration for delicately complex craftsmanship, behind what usually looks deceptively simple.


We believe in working heartily; being concerned with having an intimate acquaintance with building materials, in working them into our architecture. In fact, oftentimes, architecture happens even as one of us becomes thoughtful on the simple matter of the way two bricks will begin to be aligned.

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3D Innovations

3D INNOVATIONS was a one-stop solution for interior design & renovation company which was inaugurated as chern hock renovation in 1982. As an ISO 9001 awarded company, we strive to provide excellent services, creativity design & delivery quality finishing works to its highest standard.


We have our own carpentry workshop aiming to ensure quality & material control for all customized carpentry work. Focusing on customer-oriented, we strive to fulfil our client requirement in prior meeting to their budget during our free consultation.

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9 Degree Construction

As designers, we believe that our goal is to make your dream home a reality. Even though we have been in the interior design industry since 1990, we are constantly learning, experimenting and developing. That what makes us different.


We have been known to merge current design trends with our customers ideas and adding a dash of our own distinct design character to create a unique space. We understand that in a world like ours, design and technology go hand-in-hand. Our designs are carefully conceptualised to fuse the latest technology, creating the environment you desire.

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Aart Boxx Interior

Aart Boxx Interior began with the philosophy to provide solutions & ideas to make boring shoe Boxx houses Aartistic. That is how the company name is derived.

The outfit offers interior design and 3D drafting services. Our projects range from HDB, Condominium, Landed Houses to Commercial Space. Always believing in design out of lifestyle; simplicity and functionality are the key words to our company vision.

Transforming a box into your dream art is never too difficult.

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ABSOLOOK specializes in interior design for residential and commercial properties. Based in Singapore, we have furnished clients with exquisite design services since 2010. Our highly dedicated and experienced designers offer space planning and allocation, along with 3D perspectives for lavish homes and offices.


With years of extensive industry experience, our directors have effectively tackled a number of high-end renovations with long lasting results. Whether it’s a home remodeling, renovation, or simple upgrades, our interior design services can truly capture the allure and essence of any room. With cutting-edge techniques and quality design materials, we can truly turn your dreams into reality. ABSOLOOK handles each project as if it was our own, and monitors every aspect of the job from start to finish. With true dedication and a touch of class, let us enhance and accentuate your home or office interiors today!

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AD. I. WRKS is a 360 creative architecture / interior design company, that believes that every client and business deserves not only design but good design. Our persistency in good design ensures that every project is unique and requires different approach in design. Armed with not only with the right knowledge, but also the right attitude, allow us to design and execute projects efficiently and effectively, creating a symbiotic relationship between us and our clients.


Founded in 2011, by TS Wong, the name AD. I. WRKS is an extraction of elements of Architecture and Interior Design. It is still the main body of the company even after it was expanded into two more entities:


AD. I. WRKS PROJECT in 2012- which is specialized in commercial works, and

AD. I. WRKS STUDIO in 2013- which is focused more on to residential works.

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Add Space Design

In Add Space, we value quality. Established since 1978, ADD SPACE DESIGN PTE LTD has since become a leading Corporate and International awarded ISO Interior Design firm, a Singapore based multi-disciplinary design consultancy firm with regional office in Kuala Lumpur and associate offices in most part of Asia.


This is further reinforced by our ISO certification and number of accolades we have received as a dedicated HDB licensed contractor.


Being accredited members of Case Trust, RADAC, Singapore Furniture Association and RCMA, you can trust our professional nature to deliver a truly dream home where you never want to leave for work ever again.


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Artisan Space

Incorporated in 2013, Artisan Space Pte Ltd is a new startup and managed by industry professionals who had been in the industry for more than 10 years. Our strong team of designers possess years of experience in Interior Design, Space Planning, and 3D Visualisation for HDB, Private Property, Commercial as well as Retail Outlets. You can relax in the back seat while we churn out your ideal living space.


We believe in Listening and Connecting with our clients so that liveable spaces are designed based on their requirements without any compromise on the aesthetics. This is what we’re best at.

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We are a design studio that varies our interest very much in the interior environment. Founded since 2008, we have been customizing functional interior spaces to suit our clients’ needs.


Our Approach

We design, develop and assist clients during the entire process to ensure that functionality, design and construction go cohesive together. Ensuring clients select the right space planning, colours, materials and interior fittings to create the environment.

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Artrend Design

Artrend shapes the Singapore interior design industry with its track records of 12,000 created dream homes in 30 years. Founded by Kelvin Chua, the interior designer company is today, regarded by many as one of the best in the industry. With the in-house carpentry facility at Woodland Link, Artrend Design leads the market in commercial, residential interior design Singapore.


Artrend owns its interior design firm and carpentry work at Woodlands. It has a production facility spanning over 4,000 square feet. It is equipped with the computer controlled machines that allow for speed and the integration of work.under one roof. With this, Artrend Design delivers superior, best-in-class-leading fittings that are of high quality. Our interior design delivered with our own production work in wood and metal, veneer, electrical, millworks, painting and vanishing.



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Atelier Concept

ATELIER CONCEPT PTE LTD  Timeless Aesthetic Interior Design, Residential and Commercial Projects,  Additions & Alteration Construction,  Furniture Design & Manufacturing , Strategic Space Planning.


Office systems  Structural Builder  Kitchen Electrical Appliances (Authorised Retailer)

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Brick n Tungsten

Brick n Tungsten. We are a creative house which has two areas of expertise. Firstly is in the field of Interior Design, from the conceptualization of layout, choosing of color theme with the right kind of material, fabrication of furniture and finally to the 3D rendering and virtual walk through of the property?s interior. In a nutshell, we promise the complete turnkey project for your home and office.

Secondly, we are one of the few companies in Singapore who are able to incorporate automation into your home and office. In the main, we cover five areas of automation: appliances, lighting, security, audio and visual. Feel free to contact us and our in-house automation specialists.

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Ban Yew officially launched Carpenter Productions on 29 Dec 2010, as part of their subsidiary company.
Carpenter Productions is more focused on keeping up with the current trend of Singapore interior design.
Carpenter Productions is later renamed to Carpenters.com.sg Pte Ltd on July 2012.


With our up to date designers scouting for the most up to date designs, combined with Ban Yew vast experiences in renovation and carpentry quality, we are once again bringing Ban Yew and Carpenters to new milestones.

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Interior Design – The inspiration behind Ciseern success all these years are sheer passion in the industry of interior design and makeover of our customer home. In Ciseern, we are committed and inspired to change the world perception of interior design Singapore industry.


This is because interior design in Singapore as any other professional profession is to be an industry to be level along with the likes of Architects and Engineers. Being the Home Doctor for interior design in Singapore where customers are able to trust and rely on, Ciseern bring along more than 16 years of interior design experiences while designing customers home. These interior design experiences eventually which make our customer craft out the right decisions for their dream home.


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Classic Ideas Design and Build

For the past 20 years, Classic Ideas Design and Build has renovated more than 10,000 homes and properties range, such as landed houses, condominiums, HDB apartments and commercial projects such as retail shops, medical clinics, tuition centres, child-care centres, food courts and so forth.


Classic Ideas Design and Build also has all the expertise and resources include building homes from the ground up. Experience is the power, and our track record has proven it. Our own construction and carpentry teams have years of experience behind them and every task is completed with the highest degree of quality and commitment.

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Cyrus Creation

As a company, we prefer a collaborative approach to design that encourages our clients to develop and hone their own style and taste. We provide value to our clients by discouraging short-lived trends, opting instead for quality and timelessness. The final design ensures a beautiful, comfortable, and most importantly a functional space for our clients. We recognize that the most important element in our designs is the people who use them in the end.


With over a decade of experience in the design industry, our company maintains close relationships with top quality suppliers, fine artisans, and the most skilled sub-contractors. Our design experience and knowledge make the entire Cyrus Creations team invaluable to our clients.


Axcel Yeo is the driving force behind Cyrus Creations. His passion for interior design, art, fashion and his talent for merging disparate styles, colors and patterns into beautiful cohesive living environments.

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D Trenzo Interior

At D TRENZO INTERIOR, we create unrivalled experiences through reflecting our clients unique personality, family and lifestyles within every project. We deliver affordable one-stop solutions by integrating value-added services quality works to all our clients? spaces regardless of how small the budget or how huge the scope of work is.

In every home that we create, It reflects the creative expression of your individuality.

A place where you can feel nurtured & relaxed. Most importantly a place you can really be proud of.

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Darwin Interior

Darwin Interior thrives amidst the cutthroat Singapore Interior Design Industry. Specializing in residential, commercial, project management, space planning, carpentry fabrication and concept design, they have earned the trust of numerous customers through their fresh concepts and commitment to quality.


They are known to put the customer’s needs and requirements as their paramount consideration. From the conceptualization up until the conclusion, their dedicated staff assist the clients in achieving the latter’s dream homes. Be it a simple design or a massive renovation, Darwin Interior has the experience and expertise for each client’s varying needs. For them, quality is all about meeting the clientele’s desires  and there is no better gauge for “quality” than each client level of satisfaction.



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De Style Interior

For 25 years, De Style Interior has steadfastly proven their creative spirit and professionalism with design and construct projects that flawlessly integrate functionality with an aesthetic sense. Since its establishment, De Style Interior has earned the attention and the respect of a diverse range of customers.


De Style Interior focuses on creating a strong rapport with clients, working closely with them by listening to their ideas and developing concepts based on each unique need. It is with this stark insight that De Style successfully completes residential, design and construct projects ranging from HDB, Condo, Semi-D Units and Bungalows.


De Style also showcases an impressive commercial portfolio that ranges from spa boutiques, retail stores, offices and a huge 12,000 sq.ft office space project. Furthermore, with a proficient and experienced team of interior design connoisseurs, clients are assured of the highest quality output.


The firm has grown since its inception, and now boasts of an impressive 6,000 sq.ft space that showcases the latest trends in kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room concepts and designs. Despite its impressive portfolio, De Style Interior still endeavors to improve by keeping up with the latest developments in design, renovation and reconstruction – that way, like fine wine, they only keep getting better and better with time.


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Design 4 Space

Design 4 Space Pte Ltd (previously known as “Ritz’s Decor” established in June 2002) had evolved from a humble renovation contractor set-up into a fully integrated interior design firm in Singapore with a group of talented & dedicated interior designers and specialises in retail, residential & commercial projects.


With our knowledge, professionalism, efficiency and talent, clients can trust that they are in good hands.


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Design Profession

Driven by a dream to turn design home into reality, Design Profession simply means putting your future homes into the hands of a team of design professionals who work with heart and within your budget with an enthusiasm unmatched by others.


Since our inauguration in 2006, we have been consistently indulging ourselves with offering a full scope of design services including: space planning, concept development, interior architecture, technical drawings, and site supervision. Design Profession transforms everyday spaces into inspiring environments; warm and relaxing, sleek and sexy, cutting edge and cool. We capture and create an atmosphere.



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Designer Guy Group

Designer Guy Group is established in 2005 by the founder, Mr Andrew Loh. We are specialized in interior design and space planning for both residential & commercial properties.


Our projects include HDB units, private apartments, condominiums, landed properties, shops & offices. Our committed sales and design team all share a common passion to transform any residential or commercial unit into an ultimate sweet home or a carefree and comfortable working environment where staffs feel like home.


We possess a wealth of knowledge and information to aid you throughout the entire design and constructing process. We will try our best to create innovative, well-designed and functional spaces, for you and your family to enjoy.



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Diamon Tif

Diamon’ Tif is an Interior Design Hub that provides interior designing and renovation solutions to all residential, commercial and private property clients.


We have very experienced individuals that provides different design concepts to satisfy our valuable clients, not forgetting practicality, space planning and detailed supervision to every steps of your interior design journey to ensure desirable results that meet your expectations.


Positive Word of mouth is always a belief by Diamon’ Tif, therefore customer-orientated system is always our main focus. With this, we believe that you will definately have a great and enjoyable journey through the renovation process with us.



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Elements ID Consultant

Elements ID was incorporated in 1994. Our company specializes in Interior Design in hospitality, commercial and residential projects. We are a team of motivated and well-versed designers supported by a group of qualified craftsmen all dedicated to the success of the company.


Our projects are published regularly as editorial features in leading magazines. We strongly believe that our company has the expertise and experience to meet the challenges of this competitive decade.


Luxury Master Suite by Kelvin Gan


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Free Space Intent

Established in 1999, Free Space Intent (FSI) is a full-service residential and commercial interior design firm.


With a decade of experiences under our belt, Free Space Intent (FSI) has worked with a large variety of private clients and corporate, creating a wide range of residential spaces, bars/lounges, restaurants, retail outlets, and office spaces.


Our aim is to provide distinctive, customized interiors while remaining sensitivity to the client’s budget and time constraints.


Functionality is the anchor of FSI’s designs. A good design is nothing if it does not complement the lifestyle of the client or fulfill basic needs. That said, a good design is one that marries creativity with reality and in so doing, creates a living space that is both elegant and practical.


Free Space Intent (FSI), is helmed by Principal Designer, Raymond Seow. Keeping to FSI’s style of modern cosmopolitan designs, Raymond oversees the design department, infusing his signature radical style to give the home a unique edge.

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Fuse Concept

Conceptualized and created for more than a decade. Fuse Concept Pte Ltd as an interior design house since 2001, aspires to provide quality consultation and turnkey project management to residential and commercial design. Fuse Concept is guided by its philosophy “Simplicity & Quality”. Through our journey, we have fuelled ourselves with wide range of exquisite, exclusive and extraordinary design. Our dedicated team of creative designers believe on principle that the clients’ needs and expectations are paramount. Envisioned the way which things can be transformed and improvised, our concepts create maximum functional with minimum resources. Replacing unnecessary objects with indispensable forms and transform empty space into your desired dream home!

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GPlan Design

GPlan Design Pte Ltd was established in 1984 and was formerly known as Yew Weng Fong Contractor. Keeping up with modernization, it is now know as GPlan Design Pte Ltd and has formed an associate company know as AvantGarde Design & Contract.

It has been with RADAC since RADAC was established. Though the name has change, the working style remains the same.

Earnest and sincere, we ensure you we will design a home that you can truly call your own. GPlan’s good track record of more than 28 years just goes to show that your home is in safe hands. Our company is able to handle HDB flats, Private houses as well as Commercial offices.

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Haire Living

Conceptualized and created since 2005, Haire Living Pte Ltd, as an interior design house, aspires to provide quality design consultation and turnkey project management to residential interior design and styling. We provide a synergy of services through consultation, project management, product fabrication, holding the fundamental element of our design philosophy in place through our multi-talented division of consultants.

Conceived early 2006, Haier Living Landscape & Construction Pte Ltd taking interior design outdoors for more complex A&A clientele needs, forms the integral part of the complete spatial design while aspires to provide for the commercial interior design.

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Home Guide Design n Contracts

Home Guide Design n Contracts has proven in 1992 to be one of the best design consultation service providers for residential project. We create transformative cultural residential and commercial space that work synchroniaty with its surrounding.


We manage the renovation works with stringent quality standards in place. In everything we do , we strive for integrity ,design excellence and service excellence . We are committed to build lasting relationships with all stakeholders for Homeguide.


Design is an expression which speaks positively about you, displaying social aspects of status, uniqueness and self- esteem. Home Guide team of dedicated and talented designers ensures that every detail is paid attention to for complete satisfaction in all projects.


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I-Bridge Design

i-Bridge Design is an established interior design since year 2005. With 30 staff strength, we provides Premium interior design consultancy services for residential, commercial, industrial, institutional developments and among others in the architecture or renovation industry.



Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding end product results, enhancing greater value to be delivered at surprising level, and nurturing a personalized customer relationship in between. Our associates are distinguished by their expertise to develop a portfolio of inspiring designs combined with possessing formal skills and knowledge, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most desired and professional outcome.


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Icon Interior Design

We, Icon Interior Design see every client as a partner in creative excellence. We listen to their needs, pay very close attention to his or her approach to life and interpret that through our work.


We see each project as a work of art which deserves our utmost attention and effort. In addition to this our ability to offer innovative approaches from a holistic perspective helps us gain the confidence of our client.


Our ability to see our work through from design concept to construction gives our clients confidence in engaging us.


We transform spaces through our two planes approach. This approach allows us to see the possibilities within a space by focusing on two critical planes. The results of phenomenal and have transformed ordinary spaces into new experiences.

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Image Creative Design

Established since 1995, Image Creative Design is an Award Winning Company in the Interior design business and has achieved the distinction of being the First and Only Interior design company in Singapore to be awarded the SUPERBRANDS AWARD (2004/2005).

Ranked as a SME 500 Company in January 2007, Image Creative has grown significantly over the past decade to be a leading interior design company with over 70 designers and sales professionals and a wholly-owned 6,000 square feet Showroom and Office.


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Inner View Design n Contracts

Inner View Design & Contracts Pte. Ltd. specializes in
designing and contracting various scale of interior renovation projects.


We have more than 10 good years of accumulated experience in both residential and commercial projects that makes us your best choice for your home improvement or office renovation work.

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Inside Living

Inside Living is an established specialist in interior designing and renovation consulting for both residential and commercial sectors. As an industry expertise, we believe that the design we create should be both responsive and responsible to its occupant.


We are a full-service interior design company dedicated to help customers to create a custom-designed interior that has a true reflection of customers’ personnal style. At Inside Living, we stress on the importance of delivering quality workmanship and services.

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Linear Space Concepts

Let Linear Space outline the individual living space for you. We are driven to be different, and yet remain devoted to your innate preferences and budgetary concerns.

Linear Space was created in 2003 by our creative director Marc Wong, who is a bit of a design rebel himself. Playing it safe is just too safe so Marc has taken it upon himself to find an intricate balance between breaking design conventions and creating a personalised haven. At Linear Space, we deliver bold and fresh concepts which cater to your every need.

Where good design & individual tastes converge

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Living Gaia

At Living Gaia Interior, our dedicated and talented group of interior designers are here to interpret and achieve your interior desires. Our aim is to provide professional interior design consultancy which are creative, cost effective and exceptional.


With over 30 years of experience combined, we strive to achieve excellent customer service, timely completion and excellent workmanship. In addition, our green vision is to utilize environmentally friendly and sustainable products in our construction.

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Founded in 1997 by six carpenters with a dream to craft beautiful furniture locally, Mudian is committed to quality and has grown from strength to strength on that principle.

We design, manufacture and install customized & modular kitchens and wardrobes for individual retail residential projects and corporate property development projects. Mudian offers our clients a variety of premium high quality materials from Europe, using advanced technology combined with intricate design skill and craftsmanship.

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Mudian Crafted at 100% Design Singapore from art4d.asia on Vimeo.

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Museworks is inspired by Shawn Shum, who believes that every space has a story.

A story which transforms dreams into realities, space into home. It is the marriage of desire and fulfillment, with life as bliss as it should be.

Muse where Shawn is at his inspired best. Like salt that is sprinkled, his design strives not to overwhelm.

Works – where every home is a masterpiece. A perfect blend of heart and mind, creativity and functionality. Where every space matters.

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NID Design Studio

NID, which stands for New Innovative Dynamic, may be a budding interior design company, but our team of designer have garnered years of experience in interior design. Adept in the different areas, to be interior consultancy , project budgeting, project management, and alternation and additional works, we delves into the team years of experience to ensure a smooth experience for our customers.


After all, we believes that client satisfaction comes about when a space has been turned into a home for living well. Committed to giving our clients a better understanding of renovation that is done in the proper and correct way as a team we goes out of our way to make sure that every detail is well taken care of.

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Northwest Interior

NorthWest Interior Design is a professional and creative interior design firm in Singapore, which is reputed for its excellence in interior dressing and build.


Being more than just an interior house, we are your home stylist. We innovate through the role of space, materials, colour, texture, light, shade, furniture and even soft furnishing. We are here to ensure you with quality, reliability and professional before and after service.


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One Design Werkz

One Design Werkz Singapore Best Interior Design firm transforms everyday spaces into motivating environments like condo, office interior, commercial and HDB apartments that are useful, flexible and future-focused, fusing the top visions and goals of our customers with imaginative knowledge and accurate planning design.


Our stop objective is to make spaces that show your likes, your way of life and we pride ourselves on doing everything within your budget. We design both residential, condo, office and commercial spaces. We believe that everyone deserves an amazing living space, regardless of budget.


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OSC by Norman Yeo

Established since 2001, One Stop Concept is built upon a community of people-centric designers, like-minded industry veterans and passionate educators committed to interior design. Here at One Stop Concept, our belief stems from the fusion of knowledge sharing, community building and outreach, and advocacy for timeless designs where form meets function, which influence and celebrate the power of design to positively change people’s lives.


Architectural education tends to differentiate cultural theory and design, but we believe in integrating them to create the best possible customized intellectual and creative stimuli in all of our projects, which suit the lifestyles of our valued clients.


osc collective


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Paper + White

Paper + White is now a full service interior design and styling studio based both in London and in Singapore.

The services we offer cover a range of budgets. Our involvement can be from beginning to end (FULL SERVICE DESIGN) or we can give you what you need to complete your project yourself (E-DESIGN).

Looking to sell or rent out your home? You might like to use our HOME STAGING service? We also have a reputation for designing and producing out of this world events for both private and corporate clients.

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Rezt n Relax

Rezt n Relax Interior is a vision shared by Mr. John Foo and Mr. Wilson Teh, two highly successful entrepreneurs who are committed in bringing a fresh and innovative lifestyle approach to designing concepts and crafting holistic, experiential and meaningful spaces.


Rezt n Relax Interior is a homegrown company established in 2000 specializing in interior design and renovation of HDB flats, condos, landed houses and commercial spaces. We are an ISO and CaseTrust certified company that provides the industry’s first and so far only lifetime warranty on workmanship.


Participating in exhibitions and advertising in home magazines remain our staple activity for our branding and image, while doing open houses, renovation tours, homeowner seminars and keeping our website up to date and maintaining our strong social media presence via Facebook continue to be our core marketing arm in reaching out to our customers.


Rezt n Relax Interior believes that interior design is a fusion of the art of designing and the skill of practical space planning. We are readily equipped with the know-how and even with the instinct to anticipate needs and execute solutions to any space dilemma.



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Samlo Design Group Pte Ltd

Established since 1983, Samlo Design is a premier interior design firm dedicated to providing interior design with creative flair and aesthetically functional designs to meet the specifications of clients from Singapore and around the region including America, Europe, Japan and Indonesia.

Much sought after, Samlo Design’s wide array of quality interior design services includes contract construction, interior design consultancy and project management. The ever-increasing list of prestigious projects is testimony of the trust that clients have of Samlo Design’s professionalism and creativity in design practicality and aesthetically functional space planning

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Sky Creation

Sky Creation Design Group of companies specialises in Interior design and renovation. Their enterprising dynamism, integral to their intrepid progression, has taken the fledging company concentrating solely on renovation services for homeowners to an industrious offering an extensive range of services under its various arms.


Sky Creation’s swift ascent can be credited to their recognition as a brand associated with customer satisfaction, creativity and quality work. Their dauntless pursuit of fresh insights and new boundaries helps them set new standards in the design scene.

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Space Atelier

SPACE ATELIER is a diverse, creative practice that specializes in designing interior environments.


The key to our creative process is to provide something new and inspiring that captures and surprises the senses. It is our philosophy to produce unique individual holistic design results that are reflective of the client and/or the brand.


With considerable experiences delivering projects within residential, retail and corporate SPACE ATELIER was formed to equate itself to the customisation of interior design to suit each individual project.



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Space Factor

Space Factor is an interior design and build company that adopt styles that are contemporary and make it its utmost effort to ensure that the created space closely fit the unique lifestyles of our clients.

We work closely with our clients to offer comprehensive, innovative and practical turnkey interior solutions. We help you bring out the best in your interior space that is functional yet bears your unique personality imprint.

Thus, great care is taken to understand clearly our clients? space aspirations, create designs that articulate such aspirations and build them to reality while strictly adhering to processes without compromising quality.

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Starry Homestead

STARRY HOMESTEAD PTE LTD is an innovative interior design firm founded in Singapore.


OUR MISSION is creating delicacy but intimacy, chic and modern living, working & relaxing environment with advanced material, designer?s unique sensibility and sense of beauty.


OUR PROFESSIONAL design team pays attention to every client?s needs and preference, also the optimal balance between man and space, functionality and elegance, in the ways that bring a place of ease and comfort.



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Studio 99 Interior

Studio 99 Interior Pte Ltd, a full-service residential and commercial interior design firm based in Singapore, is incorporated on 21 August 2014 after its inception in November 2013.


Founded by designers with a combined experience of more than 10 years, we are able to anticipate your needs and execute your vision with our professional design and project management services from start to finish. One of our designers, Jovin, had also been featured in the local interior design TV programme.



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The 80s Studio

The 80s Studio is a company that has the ability to bridge and create one of the best and exciting concepts, ranging from the classic to modern ideas. As we often find our inspiration not only from the modern environments, but also within retro and historic places.


Through our experience, we learn not to be limited by design rules. Being open and having free sense of design allows us to collaborate with client in order to search and integrate the right soul into the right designs that will be lasting and uniquely to the individual.


Our goal is to design truly innovative, user-friendly spaces that align and realize the goals of clients, users, the environment and society with our years of collective knowledge and insights.

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The Interior Place

In the highly competitive world of interior design, tenacity, daring and versatility are the qualities that separate the exceptional designers from the mediocre ones. The Interior Place falls firmly in the former group having hit its design stride ever since it started out in 1999. The firm is hardly lacking in accolades and accreditation, but these play second fiddle to their dedication to design, whether in residential or commercial projects, which not only fulfills practical needs, but also inspires, excites and elevates day-to-day living.

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The Mind Design

We offer design & build consultancy services to the Retail/Residential/Office/Commercial sectors. The Mind Design intends to grow to be the backbone of design in Singapore and contribute to its fullest. Thinking out-of-the-box and employing strategies that are not usual or expected is our forte. And all these processes are reinforced by impeccable delivery systems and state-of-the-art designs.

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The Orange Cube

The Orange Cube is inspired and motivated to provide our clients with a complete package of services from design conception to building completion. Founded in 2003, we have through the years built up an extensive portfolio in residential interiors which includes private apartments, HDB apartments and landed property projects, as well as commercial and F&B outlets.

Apart from designs of interiors and building renovation works, we also provide traditional design consultancy work for a wide range of projects from residential, commercial and hospitality projects.

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Third Avenue Studio

Third Avenue Studio is a boutique interior design studio that specialises in quality residential – both apartments and landed – and commercial property, enabling clients to experience cohesion in creating an environment which suits each client’s comfort and style without sacrificing functionality.


At the helm of Third Avenue Studio are Pamela and Edwin, a dynamic duo with years of experience and a penchant for combining a keen sense of style and comfort to bring about a relaxed modernism character in your home. They are fanatical about improving the world and make it their mission to choreograph cultural change through visionary thinking. Their talents are both an art and science, mashing up the practicalities of business with foresight in trendsetting culture.

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Three-D Conceptwerke

Three-D Conceptwerke has never been a fan of conformity. On the contrary, the firm is a champion of creativity and all the untold surprises it brings with it.


Pushing the design envelope is not merely a catchphrase for the firm, but something that it constantly seeks to do with each and every one of its projects. Within a local context, this means challenging perceived ideas of living spaces of late, the firm is particularly partial to New-York-style loft-living and taking meaningful steps towards sustainable design.


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U Home Interior

U Home Interior had been established since 1999 and have been committed to realizing our customer’s ideas of their dream homes.

We have over 30 experienced and creative interior designers and dedicated project coordinators to provide you the best advice and service, and are specialised in:


  • Interior Design Consultancy
  • Renovation Works (Residential & Commercial)
  • Architectural (A&A/Construction)
  • FSSB Submission

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Unimax Creative

At Unimax Creative, we understand that your property is important to you which is why we want to turn your desired space into reality. As your design and build partner, we take care of the details to realise those dreams.


Through a non-obligatory sales consultation, we seek to not only understand your needs but to also present our visions for your dreams. Promising no hard-selling, hidden costs and other unpleasant surprises, Unimax Creative adheres to a transparent work process where every detail can be discussed to your satisfaction.


Established in 1997, Unimax Creative aims to transform spaces into stylish havens that not only turn heads but also turn clients’ desired space into reality. Our determination to live up to clients’ dreams has catapulted us to be what we are today a leading design and build specialist with a large number of clients, many of which are repeat or referred customers.


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Urban Habitat

Our young and experienced team of interior design specialists at Urban Habitat Design brings together a rare fusion of skill and passion to every project we undertake. From vision and concept design to project management and fulfillment, we offer high-quality, cost-effective interior design services to commercial and residential clients across Singapore.


Our business model is:
Client focused – We treat our clients as team members, and not as “billable” time!
Personalized – Cookie cutters don’t cut it for us. Each project is unique and customized to our client’s needs!
Solutions based – Where we look for practical yet innovative solutions to each unique challenge!
Whether it is to transform your office in the Central Business District of Singapore into a place that inspires and motivates your team to excel at what they do best; or whether it is about morphing your showroom into a cozy inviting place that makes your customers feel welcomed; or turning your living room into a vibrant family-centric living hub.


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Weiken.com is a prestigious company that specialises in interior design, space and architectural planning for size-full”

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Zhuang Jia

We are one stop solution provider for Interior Design, Project Management and Renovation Services. We offer a complete range of interior design and decoration services for both commercial and residential projects..


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