Cool DIY Ideas for CNY 2016


Cool DIY Ideas for CNY 2016


Chinese New Year 2016 the Year of Monkey

CNY Interior decorations include red colors, but when used properly following simple Feng Shui tips brings good luck.

Good Feng Shui color combinations inspired by the Yang Fire Monkey which is symbolized by color Red can include vases of pretty tree blossoms, hot colored Chinese paper lanterns and many more that will help harmonize any living spaces and bring wealth and health into your home. According to the Fire feng shui element; red color carries the energy when used properly, will bring the desired energy into your home which is also symbolizes the Year of Monkey.





Red Chinese color carries the energy of the Fire feng shui element represented from the energy of sun and life, when used in your home with the new color trends for the year 2016 will bring balance, calmness, wellness and tranquility. If the idea of bringing red color into your home beside the new year color trends is not that appealing, do not hesitate to test your own design ideas other colors while enjoying your youthful and energetic interior decorating.




WITH a week more to go to Chinese New Year, if you’re panicking because the only festive-related decor you have is the dead kumquat tree from last year, don’t fret.

Several florists and designers we consulted say that all you need is a little red around the home to do the trick.

Don’t succumb to a full-blown display of lucky scrolls or monkey emblems. With a bit of imagination, your home could well have relatives looking for another reason to come visit.



Spruce up your home with festive blooms

One of the easiest ways to add colour to your home during the Lunar New Year is to adorn your space with festive plants and blooms, such as pussy willows, curly bamboo, and yellow and orange chrysanthemums, which are also known to be auspicious plants that also look elegant in pretty vases. Pussy willows tend to be displayed as large and tall plants, but if your vases are small, you can simply cut them into short stalks and display them. To encourage the willows to bloom, add ice to water in the vase every day.






Some Great DIY Chinese New Year Decoration

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