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Address : 8 Ubi road 2 ( Zervex), #07-08 Singapore 408538

Tel : +65 6634 4560

AD. I. WRKS is a 360 creative architecture / interior design company, that believes that every client and business deserves not only design but good design. Our persistency in good design ensures that every project is unique and requires different approach in design. Armed with not only with the right knowledge, but also the right attitude, allow us to design and execute projects efficiently and effectively, creating a symbiotic relationship between us and our clients.


Founded in 2011, by TS Wong, the name AD. I. WRKS is an extraction of elements of Architecture and Interior Design. It is still the main body of the company even after it was expanded into two more entities:


AD. I. WRKS PROJECT in 2012- which is specialized in commercial works, and

AD. I. WRKS STUDIO in 2013- which is focused more on to residential works.

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