Celeb David Gan his passion for branded furniture

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Celeb David Gan his passion for branded furniture

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Distinguished celebrity hairstylist David Gan known to be collector of luxurious designer furniture and artwork. So what better way to feature his vast collection than through his own home?


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Home for him would be a sprawling SGD 5 million apartment right in the heart of the Orchard district, just minutes from his very own salon. Versace carpets, a Barcelona chaise lounge, Arne Jacobsen egg-chair and Eero Aarnio globe chair are just a handful of signature pieces from Gan’s exquisite collection- tastefully displayed and lovely used in the living room, a space sacred to only Gan and his closest friends, family and loved ones.
A  twenty eight year-old Eileen Gray Lota sofa-a two-seater designed in 1925 – sits comfortably amongst newer designer pieces, a testament to Gan’s sentimental affinity to what’s old but gold. Such timeless modernism is a consistent style that is echoed throughout Gan’s apartment.
The design of David Gan’s apartment takes its cues from these furniture designs that exude modernity in any age and time. Creative director of OSC, Norman Yeo, decided that in order to complement the wide variety of designer furniture, furnishings should be kept luxurious but clean-cut and simple. White Volakas marble was selected for the living are a, whilst the bedrooms were furnished in timber. A sleek black feature wall was added to as a focal point for the living room and TV console area.


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The living area serves as both a showcase of David Gan’s most prized designer furniture possesions, as well as a sacred space for entertaining Gan’s celebrity friends.


David Gan Apt 5The master bedroom suite features two Bourgie table lamps by Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell.


David Gan Apt 6The ensuite bathroom is not for the shy- serving up an intimate full-height showcase.


David Gan Apt 4The dining area is kept simple, allowing the designer pieces and artwork to take centrestage.


View Creative Director Norman’s profile here


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