BTO Door Opening Ritual Procedure by Big Tree and Koala


BTO Door Opening Ritual Procedure by Big Tree and Koala


Big Tree and Koala
Big Tree and Koala



Hi all,
We just received our keys for our nest today! 30th Sept 2015.
Due to overwhelming response, we decided to do a quick draft on the door opening ritual procedures to share with our friendly neighbours and friends..
We hope it helps you a little and congrats on your key collection!
Just for your info, we are not “fengshui master” nor expert in this, everyone have different opinions, we are just sharing with you what we actually do today
Optional: We did not include burning of joss sticks and incense papers.
Because we are quite “liberal”.. thus we mainly do it for the peace of mind!
If you find this post helpful, feel free to share this post with your friends/relatives.
Because we hate doing research.. that’s why we created this blog to share our two cents to our friends and love ones to help them a little. So that our research effort is not put into waste.
We did consult our parents and relatives before deciding on the procedure!

Choose a good date/time for first time door opening.
Make sure Zodiac never clash..
Even if Zodiac clash is alright, you can keep the keys first and open the door another date/time


Procedure for initial opening of door:


      1. Knock the door 3 times, say auspicious things (up to individual what you want to say)
        1. 开门大吉
        2. 甜甜蜜蜜
        3. 幸福美满
        4. 身体健康
        5. 永远快乐
        6. 平安发财
        7. Huat ar
      2. Open door, roll 1 pineapple in (bowling style) while continue saying auspicious things
      3. Use the pineapple to roll around the house (excluding the toilet)
      4. Mix uncooked rice, sea salt, tea leaves (Tie Guan Yin) and green beans and scatter ALL around the house (including toilet and yard). The process of scattering the “Rice and Green beans” means sowing of wealth around the house  and the “Sea salt and Tea leaves” means chasing away the evils.Big Tree and KoalaBig Tree and Koala
      5.  Proceed to the center of the living room and put the following items:
            1. 1 huat kuey (brown, yellow or orange) DO NOT PUT WHITE!
            2. 1 red packet with 8 one dollar coins
            3. 5 red apples
            4. 5 oranges
            5. 1 bunch of banana
            6. 1 bunch of grapes (purple or reddish only)
            7. 1 box of strawberries
            8. 1 packet tea leaves (tie kuan yin)
            9. A dish with wet cotton wool, water with green beans for germinating, let it grow into bean sprouts, this process symbolic “growth” and have some “yang qi” at home.

        Note: For fruits you can decide on your own, preferably buy 5 or in a bunch.
        But no pears allow!

Big Tree and Koala


    1. Go to the 4 corners of the house and put the following items
      1. A cup of white vinegar
      2. 2 oranges
      3. 1 red packet with 8 one dollar coins inside at 4 corners of the house (for our floor plan, 2 in living room, 2 in master bedroom)

Note: you may refer to your own floor plan to see where is the 4 corners. For us the 2 corners is the master bedroom, another 2 corners is in the living room (1 behind the door, another one near the window).

Big Tree and Koala

    1. Last step, put the following items at the gas outlet
      1. 1 huat kuey (brown, yellow or orange)
      2. 1 red packet with 8 one dollar coins

Note: Can place in the middle of the kitchen if you are unsure where is the gas outlet.


 Big Tree and Koala

Go ahead to check defects..walk around the house..
Before you leave the house, you can bring the fruits in the living room back.. except the pineapple (leave it there), the rest you may leave it in the house (the oranges at the 4 corners do not bring back too).Do not sweep/enter the house for 3 days after placement (count 3 days excluding the day you perform the “ritual”) After 3 days, clear everything and use the red packet $ to buy sweets or sweet drinks for own or family consumption.


Extra things to take note:
  1. Try to perform the ritual with your partner alone, or with immediate family members, do not include outsiders. Ensure no one’s zodiac clash!
  2. Fruits need to be eaten or thrown away. Do not give it to other people
  3. Money in the red packet use to buy sweets or sweet drinks for family consumption, can buy ice cream too, as long as it is to buy something sweet “甜甜蜜蜜”
  4. If green beans does not sprout, place it at somewhere with light, even after three days you can still add water, make sure it grows. After one week, you may throw it away.



  1. 1 pineapple
  2. 1 packet of rice
  3. 1 packet of sea salt
  4. 2 packets of tie kuan ying
  5. 1 packet of green beans
  6. 2 huat kuey (brown, yellow or orange)
  7. 6 red packets with 8 one dollar coins in each red packet (total 48 one dollar coins)
  8. 5 red apples
  9. 13 oranges
  10. 1 bunch of bananas
  11. 1 bunch of purple or reddish grapes
  12. 1 box of strawberries
  13. 1 dish with cotton wool (For the planting of green beans)
  14. 1 bottle of vinegar
  15. Bring 1 or 2 containers for mixing of green beans, rice..etc
  16. Bring picnic mat or stool (So that you can sit and rest)
  17. Bring water! (weather is super hot, you definitely need to drink water for sure!)
  18. Bring a door stopper if you want.. if not the door will auto close, no wind.


We wish everyone a smooth key collection day! Huat ah!
Feel free to leave a comment below for input, steps that we missed out.. to benefit other readers. We can’t turn back time.. but we believe this is the same procedure we will do even if we are able to turn back the clock.. because we really read lots of forums, FengShui website.. for all the steps here! and we try to find all the “logic” behind all the steps.. We hope it helps you little. Feel free to share this post with your friends/love ones.
source by Big Tree and Koala. Thank you for the permission to share your post.

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