An Apartment That Tells A Tale Of Illustrious Lifestyle


An Apartment That Tells A Tale Of Illustrious Lifestyle


Karen Apartment Ng 1


Karen Ng popular celebrity stylist, image consultant and successful businesswoman, is a colourful figure in the local celebrity scene.




Famed for her dazzling power outfits at gala events and dinner parties, it is indeed interesting to note that despite all the glitz and glam, when it comes to her home at The Tiara Condominium, Ng certainly wanted a stylish yet fuss-free and functional one.


Nevertheless, she wanted a home that reflected her style: a sleek, contemporary one with modern, elegant and fashion-forward furniture and accessories.


Like her wardrobe, Ng wanted the ability to mix and match items to spruce up her home from time to time. It was thus crucial to ensure a modern simplicity which was characterized by clean lines and spaces which could be dolled up to suit the mood and trends. Today, you’ll find pop-art framed on the wall, tomorrow-who knows? You might find something totally new.


Norman Yeo, creative director of OSC by Norman Yeo, had to work with extensive range of designer furniture from top furniture brands like Minotti and B&B Italia. These exquisite pieces were individually collected by Ng herself over a period of time, each piece came with its own unique story.


Yeo then handpicked an extensive range of furnishings and accessories- including designer lamps, door handles and bathroom accessories, to complement Ng’s furniture collection.


Norman Yeo


The apartment tells a tale of Ng’s illustrious lifestyle and travel- where every piece unfolds another chapter. Each piece of furnture is a bookmark of a significant time and place in Ng’s life. Although they were all acquired separately, the beauty of them lies with the fact that collectively, the collection manages to blend together seamlessly. The unifying factor, perhaps, was Ng’s timeless taste and acquired appreciation contemporary beauty.


The floors of the living and dining were finished in sleek grey, concrete- look tiles, whilst the bedroom floors were clad in warm and homely, European timber.  The choice of color palette for the furniture were kept to a classic monochrome, allowing the accented, colourful accessories and art work to stand out and work their magic.


With this predominantly off-white palette and dark furniture, it is Norman’s ultra fine detailing that defines the apartment. Meticulous details like 90-degree grooved detail each stair riser and the flawless alignment and joinery of floors: it is the refinement and sophisticated artistry that complete the design of this home.


Karen Ng Apartment 2

Top designer furniture dominate this home throughout the different spaces with brands like Minotti and B&B Italia.


Karen Ng Apartment 3

Natural light streams into the apartment, creating a beautiful, dreamy home atmosphere that is complemented by a clean, off-white colour palette.


Karen Ng Apartment

Elegance and simplicity defines the living and dining area: homeowner Karen Ng prefers to let the iconic designer furniture speak for itself.


Karen Ng Apartment

This iconic bed frame features a handy swiveling side table, which comes in useful for late night reading, or even breakfast in bed on a lazy sunday.


Karen Ng Apartment

The bath features a combination design which allows flexible usage- it’s a standing & seated shower, as well as a bath tub all in one.


To know more about creative designer Norman Yeo, please click here!


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